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Garmin GSD 26 CHIRP sonar takes on the Atlantic

12 July 2012 @ 8:28 PM  / Fishing Tournaments / Marine Blog /

Pic_2_SpeculatorReturning from the Bermuda Billfish Blast was just another travel day - cab ride to L.F. Wade airport, flight to Atlanta, 2-hour layover, then on home to Kansas City. On the other hand, the trip getting there was nothing short of remarkable! As part of a collaborative project between Garmin, Gemeco/Airmar and Capt. Ed “Cookie” Murray aboard a beautiful 80’ Merritt – the “Speculator” - we witnessed first-hand as our Garmin GSD26 CHIRP sonar connected to an Airmar CM599LH transducer painted the bottom all the way from Beaufort, NC, to Bermuda. Ok, “So what?”, you say! Well check this out...










Keep in mind that at these depths, the ping rate is very slow – limited to the speed of sound in water – this screen image represents over 2 hours of time and about 24 miles of bottom.

The incredible depth performance of our new CHIRP sonar technology was nothing short of incredible. As we left Beaufort at 10 knots on a course ESE and as the U.S. Coast slowly faded away, the GPSMAP 7215 started to tell the story. We watched as the depth number kept going down, down, down. We blew the doors off of our previous depth record of 11,720’ set near Nassau earlier this year. 12, 13, 14…15-thousand feet - are you kidding?! It was at about 15,000’ where we started looking along the route ahead to see what the chart depths were. Something like 17,500’+. Could we do it? The excitement really built.  










Yes, we did! No sweat and with many dB of signal to spare...










As we began our “ascent,” we witnessed other equally impressive screens scroll by. Bottom detail off of 15-thousand feet rising up some 3,500 feet. Can your sonar do that?










We were wondering what creatures might be holding along the tip of this uncharted volcanic mountain as we went by. Care to do a deeeep drop and find out? Maybe next time!


After three full days and two nights on the water, we wanted to get through Customs before nightfall so we opened her up. The final treat was as we came up the bank closing in on Bermuda at 24 kts. Notice the striking bottom definition and second echo at nearly 7,000’. 

So the bar has been set! We tracked bottom at 17,624’ with the Garmin GSD26 and Airmar CM599LH. If you and your Garmin sonar can top that, send us a screenshot ([email protected]) showing something deeper taken with a Garmin sonar and we’ll post it here on our blog.   





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