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Jake's Journal: Smiles and splashes at the Teva Mountain Games

1 June 2012 @ 6:48 PM  / Jake's Journal / Outdoor Blog / Sports / Fitness Blog /

IMG_1754IMG_1744 IMG_1738"THAT is the coolest thing EVER!!" When he made this declaration, Alex and his friends had just watched our customized mini-fridge dispense a chilled can of Guayaki Herba Mate down a slide and into an ice bath below. His foursquare check-in moments earlier had triggered the process, and the TV next to the mini-fridge now displayed his name and picture: "Alex. Got. Served."

IMG_1761 IMG_1763It's been like that all day at the Garmin Tent here at the Teva Mountain Games. People stop by to check out our little refreshment slide (and check in to join the fun), then they stick around to learn about the many fitness and outdoor recreation products we're showcasing. That's the beauty of being surrounded by all ages of runners, cyclists, skiers, climbers and people interested in every adventure sport you can imagine. Whether they're asking about our newest products or raving about their old ones that refuse to die (which would give them an excuse to upgrade), everyone has a story about how a Garmin has helped them enjoy their favorite activity or ramped up their results on race day. We have two more days out here, and the weekend promises to be even busier. That means more new friends and more smiling faces - especially when the fridge kicks into gear! Follow the fun on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and here on the blog.

IMG_1747 IMG_1767 IMG_1760

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