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Victor's Vectors: Pilot My-Cast now supports XM weather

9 February 2012 @ 2:53 PM  / Aviation Blog / Victor's Vectors /

I recently read an article about a pilot suing his airline for not having the option to carry his charts PMC iPad-screenAelectronically on an iPad which led to a back injury.  Many pilots, including myself, have felt the pain of carrying several pounds worth of charts.  To battle this issue, many pilots are turning to electronic devices such as the iPad or Garmin’s aera 796. Whether you go with a dedicated device such as the aera or you go with the iPad, Garmin has you covered.  Pilot My-Cast for the iPad puts large amounts of information literally at your fingertips, and recently Pilot My-Cast has gotten even better.  Earlier this week Pilot My-Cast released Version 3.3, which improves on its already stellar list of features. 

PMC iPad-screenCThe enhanced features include:
•    Integration with XM weather using the Baron Mobile Link (purchased separately), which with a subscription from XM will allow you to get XM satellite weather information on your iPad while in flight.
•    Enhanced Flight Plan and Direct-To features, which add the ability to insert departures and arrivals to the active flight plan and graphically edit the flight plan.
•    NavTrack, which is a valuable pre-flight planning tool, now locks to your current location while in-flight updating text products (METARs, TAFs, Winds, etc) and widgets with information closest to your location.
•    Improvements were made to make it even easier to download and access all the charts you need for your flight.

With this large amount of information packaged into an iPad weighing in at less than two pounds it’s a great value that won’t break your back.

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