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Say Cheese!! Launches Photo Support for Geocaching

23 January 2012 @ 4:44 PM  / OpenCaching Blog / Outdoor Blog /

Say cheeseAre you looking for a fun new activity for the family? Something that will let your see the world, interact with others and get you outside? Well then you must give Geocaching a try!!

It's been likened to an “electronic scavenger hunt” or a "high tech Easter egg hunt" - like being a modern day, landlocked pirate. Geocaching is a family friendly game that lets you enjoy the environment, see new places, and have quality time with your family OpenCaching-logoand friends, all while looking for "treasure". The minimum that you need is a Garmin GPS unit and8 the coordinates to a geocache (cache)- which you can find on and send directly to your compatible device.

Once you have the coordinates loaded up and GPS in hand, you can begin searching. You simply hike, climb, or meander along until you have reached the area and then begin searching for the exact spot using tips/hints provided. It’s a great way to explore the world and find new adventures- all while ensuring there is treasure at the end of the path!

F 6or those of you familiar with this tech-meets-outdoors game- you'll be keen on knowing about our Newest Feature! Are you having trouble finding that hard to find cache? Want to know more about the area you’re hunting for geocaches in? Or are you just getting tired of printing puzzles to take with you? Today's launch of photo support on brings a whole new dimension to your geocaching experience, and with it comes game-changing new functionality to your compatible Garmin handheld. After upgrading your handheld software to the latest version, you can automatically receive geocache photos alongside your geocaches when syncing with These photos can then be viewed on your handheld when reviewing a geocache and bring even more life to your adventure! For more information about this new feature, head over to the TrailTech section.

If you are looking for some help downloading caches for your next adventure or want to import caches from another site or location, check out the videos below.




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