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GTN Trainer App: Explore the GTN 750 right on your iPad 2!

20 December 2011 @ 9:00 AM  / Aviation Blog /

IPad-Demo-1 There’s something new in the iTunes App store for all of you pilots out there. This week, Garmin released a new app, the GTN 750 Trainer for the iPad 2. This app simulates the behavior of the GTN 750 system interface and allows you to interact with it like you would with the device in the cockpit. Whether you already fly a GTN-equipped aircraft and looking for some more practice, or you’re considering purchasing the avionics and want take it for a test drive, this is the perfect way to become more familiar or comfortable with the GTN 750. IPad-Demo-2

The app offers a touch and drag interface allowing users to simulate and explore most functions of the GTN 750 including panning the map, entering waypoints into the flight plan, loading airways, graphically editing flight plans, radio tuning and more. High resolution North and Central America terrain maps, worldwide NavData, simulated IPad-Demo-3traffic targets and simulated XM weather data allow you to experience the enhanced situational awareness offered by the GTN 750. The app is also configured with product options such as TAWS-B audible alerts, transponder control and remote audio processor control. Plus it features user-selectable demo settings that allow you to simulate various flight scenarios by changing altitude, speed, location and more.

Download it today from the iTunes App Store.


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