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Garmin Garage: Wallace & Gromit – Reporting for Duty!

26 October 2011 @ 3:21 PM  / Automotive Blog / Garmin Garage /

WgOne of the great things about turning wrenches in the Garmin Garage is that you’ll never know who . . . or what . . . will walk or roll through the doors each and every day. Just a few months back, Darth Vader and Yoda arrived – separately, of course. And now Wallace & Gromit have made an appearance and are ready for you to download.  With this premium voice and vehicle download, you’ll get their van vehicle icon and the real voice of Wallace to lead you on your way. It’s the perfect bundle for a ride through the countryside or a trip to the city! And as an added bonus:  You can almost be certain that this premium voice and vehicle bundle will work better than a vast majority of Wallace’s wacky contraptions! Stop by today and grab this great bundle for your compatible nüvi or zumo! And then plan a return visit soon . . . because you never know what you’ll find in the Garmin Garage!


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