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Jake's Journal: Behind the scenes in designing Forerunner 610

10 May 2011 @ 4:55 PM  / Jake's Journal / Sports / Fitness Blog /

Forerunner 610 menu I often talk about the amazing people I get to meet in representing Garmin around the world - from marathon expos and world-class cycling events to media gatherings and trade shows - but it's always a refreshing reminder of the great minds I get to work with when those same caliber of conversations take place right here at Garmin headquarters.

Recently, I spent some time talking to two colleagues from the fitness team about the revolutionary Forerunner 610 GPS running watch with full-featured touchscreen. In these videos, Justin and Jon share details about the design and development of Forerunner 610

For more Forerunner 610 videos, be sure to check out our tutorial and demo videos at the GarminBlog's YouTube channel.

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