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Garmin Garage: Ride with Pride – The 2011 Team Garmin Bundle

19 April 2011 @ 11:40 AM  / Garmin Garage / Team Garmin /

TGB Now that the cold grip of winter has finally released us into a warm and welcoming spring, it’s time to bring out the bikes and get some miles behind us. And with cycling season well underway and Team Garmin crisscrossing the globe for race after race, all of us cycling fans at the Garmin Garage couldn’t be more excited! So we decided to share our enthusiasm with the release of the Team Garmin Bundle – a new bundle for fans far and wide of the Argyle Armada! The sleek and stylish Team Garmin Car and Team Garmin Bus reflect the new look of the team and would be a welcome addition to your GPS! So if you’re looking to refresh your compatible nüvi or zumo and show your support for Team Garmin, pedal over to the Garmin Garage and grab this bundle today!

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