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17 March 2011 @ 10:52 AM  / OpenCaching Blog / Outdoor Blog /

Opie-hiding-cache Spring is here, and it's time to get out of the house to find and create some caches! If you keep searching for caches in the same areas over and over again, then you’re going to love Saved Searches at On our Find page, position the map just how you like it. Setup the filters you want. Then, click the “Save this search” button under the map. Give your new saved search a name, and it will be added to your interests page or quick access later.

OC Your Interests We also recently introduced another great feature: Your Interests. If you are logged in, you can access the your interests page by clicking the link at the top of any OpenCaching page. The link is right next to the link to your profile. Your Interests will be your one stop shop to see everything on that affects you. Currently this includes your Saved Searches and a list of any logs that have been added to caches you own. And this is just the beginning. We’ll be adding more to the Your Interests page soon. Meanwhile we continue to give away a chirp each day to cache creators and don't forget to order your customized Pathtags! Keep in mind that the new Opie/ tag back will be available to anyone making a tag – at no additional cost! – and every person who uses this new back will also get one of the new Opie tags.

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