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Geocachers can collect and create Pathtags with Opie and

4 March 2011 @ 9:36 AM  / OpenCaching Blog / Outdoor Blog /

PTFront PTBack Another week, another exciting new promotion at! While we continue to give away a chirp each day to cache creators, we’ve now partnered with our friends at Pathtags to create a new collectable to share with the world. For those who don’t already know, a Pathtag is a custom metal tag about the size and weight of a U.S. Quarter or a one Euro coin.  Pathtags are generally used as personal "signature items" for geocaching as cachers and creators get to customize one side of the tag and choose from an assortment of tag backs for the other. We worked with the Pathtags crew to design a special Opie Pathtag, and we were jazzed about how simple it was. And now you can add Opie to your collection – and to your own custom tags that you create!

We’re thrilled to announce that the new Opie/ tag back will be available to anyone making a tag – at no additional cost! – and every person who uses this new back will also get one of the new Opie tags. It’s about the only way to get the new Opie tag – unless you’re a lucky winner of future Garmin blog and event promotions (or find one in a cache, of course). Pathtag fronts are really fun and easy to design, and the tag back includes your unique serial number. This serial number allows you to enjoy the features of the accompanying online Community.

Starterkit Tagbackselection So what does this mean for cachers? Once you find a tag, simply log it at and the tag's profile will display for you to view. Unless the profile says otherwise, you are welcome to add it into your permanent collection. And to make it even better, the Pathtags Community is free to access by anyone who finds your tag!

People can get a tag with the new back by visiting and in the top navigation selecting "Buy Tags" and then "Order a New Starter Kit." Once in the order screen, you just complete your order as usual and on the "Tag Backs" tab, you can select the Opie/ Tag Back. Have fun, happy caching and keep your eyes out for Opie!


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