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On the water with the GSD 26

22 February 2011 @ 9:34 AM  / Marine Blog /

MBS 2011 Sea trail 008 Last weekend was the Miami Boat Show, and when we weren't busy working the booth, we had the chance to demo Garmin's new GSD 26 on the water onboard a new 37-foot SeaHunter center console. The folks at SeaHunter kindly lent us their boat for the day so that we could see our new Spread Spectrum technology in action, and boy were we impressed! Coupled with Airmar's R209LH thru-hull transducer, we saw excellent target detection and resolution and could easily determine the separation between fish and between fish and bottom. We navigated to several wrecks where there was no shortage of fish (too bad we didn't bring any rods!) - and instead of showing a single mass of fish, the closely grouped fish were shown as distinct targets on the screen. The GSD 26 is capable of the most popular discrete pulsed frequencies, and fishermen can also adjust the frequency from a very low 25kHz to a high of 210kHz, making it easy to fine tune the targeting of the fish you're after. We used a high frequency pulse (130kHz to 210kHz) during the duration of our trip, and saw incredible separation and bottom structure. Here are some shots taken during our demo - we'll be sure to keep you updated as the product progresses in development.


MBS 2011 0278090

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