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Garmin Rino lost, polled and found!

30 November 2010 @ 1:01 PM  / Customer Stories / Outdoor Blog /

Rino120_HR_002 We love getting stories with happy endings and this testimonial is no exception. Here's a note sent to the Garmin inbox from Scott, a satisfied Garmin customer, who discovered a feature of his Rino 120 that saved the day.

I love my Rino 120. I've used it primarily for hunting whitetail deer in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. We belong to a club and hunt 5000 acres of leased land with over 20 trails we've made over the years. My main project has been to walk these trails with my Rino, download them to my computer, clean them up and produce GPS-accurate electronic and hard-copy maps for other club members to use.

Just last week four of us were enjoying our annual whitetail hunt. On Saturday my brother and I were putting on a drive through thick lowland cover, tracking each other's progress and how close we were getting to those on stand through our Rinos. I emerged from a particularly thick patch of balsam pines and saw my brother ahead of me. I went to get my Rino and realized it was pulled out of my pocket by the wily branches of the balsam. We called our friends who joined us to search for my unit. We spread out, retraced my steps, turned the volume down on our Rinos and I pressed the call button hoping we could hear my unit, but did not. I gave it up as lost and we continued our hunt.

Later that night, we invited another hunter friend over to our cabin for nightly cocktails and dinner, and I explained what happened to my Rino. He said "do you know how to "poll" your Rino?" I told him I was vaguely familiar with the polling feature, but had never used it. He explained that "polling" allows one unit to find the location of another Rino, and could potentially lead us to my lost unit. I said "let's have some dinner and then go for it!" We set out about 8:30 in the pitch dark, with plenty of flashlights, another friend, and three Rinos. We got to the spot in the road above where I lost my unit, turned ours on and polled for my contact. We soon triangulated on my lost Rino about 0.25 miles down in the woods, and started bushwhacking in that direction.About 20 minutes later our friend said "OK, we're within 20 feet. Let's call and see if we can hear it." Sure enough, we heard the call loud and clear, and my friend looked down and found my Rino on the ground between his feet!"

Needless to say, we were delighted at our success and amazed by the range of features available in the Rino 120 - most impressively the polling feature! Thanks Garmin, and keep up the good work!

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