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Garmin Garage: Lace up your skates with Hat Trick

7 October 2010 @ 1:10 PM  / Automotive Blog / Garmin Garage /

Garage_ice With hockey season right around the corner, we thought it was time to prep the ice at rinks around the world with our newest Garmin Garage creation. Introducing: Hat Trick. Hat Trick showed up in the Garmin Garage earlier this spring after a hard season workin’ the ice. Although he didn’t get much use during the warm summer months, we tuned him up, sprayed on a fresh coat of paint and tuned him up for the season. So now he’s ready to go and available for you to download straight to your nüvi. Plan your trip to the Garmin Garage and grab Hat Trick before you hit the ice! And while you’re downloading Hat Trick, take a look at the rest of the vehicles available in the Garmin Garage. It’s where you’ll find a great collection of free vehicle icons that were made just to give your nüvi a little personality.

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