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Boy Scouts of America show off new geocaching merit badge

12 October 2010 @ 11:36 AM  / Customer Stories / Outdoor Blog /

BSApamphlet BSA badge Garmin has long supported geocaching as a wonderful outdoor activity for all ages, combining education, exploration, technology and recreation - things that are music to the ears of youths, parents and teachers alike. And one organization that has always excelled at combining these various elements is the Boy Scouts of America. Celebrating their 100th year, the Boy Scouts are currently rolling out details of their new geocaching merit badge, and Garmin enjoyed spending the weekend with them recently in Chicago. Here are a few recently announced details of this exciting new program.

Just this week, the BSA released the design of the Geocaching merit badge pamphlet (with a Garmin eTrex on the cover) and circular badge itself, and there's been a lot of great conversation on the Scouting Magazine blog.

"For Boy Scouts who are geocaching enthusiasts, a merit badge that rewards their passion is icing on the cake. For guys who haven't experienced geocaching, the merit badge represents the perfect opportunity to 'Get in the Game' - the BSA's centennial-year program meant to fire boys up for geocaching."

Here are just some of the great things that Scouts will learn while earning their Geocaching merit badge:
*Precautions necessary to have a safe time while searching for geocaches
*Geocaching etiquette and how the principles of Leave No Trace apply
*Geocaching terms
*How GPS technology works
*Steps for finding and logging a cache

"But it isn't all 'classroom work.' The majority of the merit badge involves Scouts searching for geocaches. They'll also have the opportunity to create and hide their own caches."

To learn more about geocaching, visit and check out this quick video on being more efficient and more environmentally friendly through paperless geocaching.

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