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nüvi and zūmo Make Great Dad's Day Gifts

10 June 2010 @ 11:18 AM  / Automotive Blog / Motorcycle /

101609_AUT_5205Whether Dad drives a vehicle with two wheels or four, we have some great Father's Day gift ideas that won't break the bank. The nüvi 1200 is one of our entry-level GPS devices that is ideal for the person who doesn't need bells-and-whistles, but still wants a GPS navigator to help them find the nearest gas station or street address. It was recently reviewed by and according to them, "I've used a number of Garmin GPS units in the past and they've always been really solid machines. The nüvi 1200 is no exception. The nüvi 1200 is a solid bet for a basic GPS device."

If Dad prefers the freedom of the open road, another great bang-for-your-buck is the zūmo 220. The zūmo 220 is affordable, compact and versatile. A recent PC Advisor review said, "The Garmin zūmo 220 is a GPS unit that's full of features. You can use it with both cars and motorcycles, and the inclusion of both mounts means you won't have to spend minutes fiddling to transfer the zūmo 220 between vehicles. The user interface is good and the unit can be used without trouble whichever vehicle you're using."

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