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Ask Garmin: Will the Garminfone sync with Outlook?

18 June 2010 @ 8:00 AM  / Ask Garmin / Mobile Blog /

Garminfone_Email Today's Ask Garmin question comes from Judy. "I cannot find the answer to my question anywhere. Maybe, you can help. I want to pick up a Garminfone, but cannot find out if it will sync with Outlook. This is a deal breaker for me."

Thanks for the great question, Judy. The really short answer to your question is yes. The Garminfone has on-device sync with Microsoft Exchange for Outlook email. If you're using a personal, non-enterprise version of Outlook, you can sync your email by first downloading the free sync software from the website. If you're on your company's enterprise server, you will need to contact your network administrator to obtain the necessary information about your network prior to being able to sync your Outlook email, contacts and calendar.

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