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Dr. Nightmare humorously haunts house hunters

19 March 2010 @ 8:00 AM  / Customer Stories / Garmin Garage /

Knuckles In perusing the Garmin blogs inbox, we just had to share this comment that Andy submitted this week in response to Dr. Nightmare, just one of the free downloadable voices in the Garmin Garage. (And yes, we love the fact that they're having fun with this despite the fact that Halloween is seven months away.)

"Love the voice. Ours has the habit of saying creepy things at the most opportune moments when looking for a house to buy. When we arrived, if the house was no good, he would say 'Welcome to this dreadful destination.' A friend was in the back of our car, and as she leaned over to look in the rearview mirror to check her hair, he said 'Is that a goblin in the rearview mirror?' She then replied 'No its me.' But the most uncanny of them all was just the other day, we were driving slowly through a small town when the vehicle in front of us stopped at the pedestrian crossing. As he did so a cat by the side of the road crossed in front of this vehicle. As we drove off Dr. Nightmare said "Did a cat just cross your path?"! Weird or what?!"

Thanks Andy - and Dr. Nightmare - for making our day. To join the fun, just download the good doctor - or his friends Elfred the Elf, Squirrely, Yeti or Team Garmin's Matt White - from, where you can also find dozens of vehicle icons for spring road trips and summer adventures.

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