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Ask Garmin: How do I use Voice Studio to add voices to my nuvi?

8 February 2010 @ 1:49 PM  / Ask Garmin / Automotive Blog / Garmin Garage /

Garmin Voice Studio When we announced Garmin's new Voice Studio at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, we turned heads, raised eyebrows and got a lot of people talking ... as the voice on their own nüvi. And because Voice Studio is a free and easy way to customize your nüvi, you can record your own voice, or have your kids give you directions, or let your spouse navigate, or practice your impressions to surprise and impress your friends - or a little of everything. So because the answers to the most popular questions - "How much does it cost" and "How long does it take" - were "nothing" and "not long," the question that always follows is "How do I do it?"

Simply download the free Voice Studio application from and install it on a PC. You can then record a few dozen phrases, and edit them directly within the Voice Studio application. To achieve the best quality recordings, we recommend that you use an external microphone. Once complete, the voice file is loaded onto a compatible Garmin nüvi. The entire process typically takes less than 30 minutes.

Combined with free and fun icons from the Garmin Garage ( - and other downloadable voices - Garmin customers can personalize their devices to a degree that no other navigation provider can match. Voice Studio is compatible with all nüvis except the nüvi 300 and 600 series. Voice Studio does not provide text-to-speech directions.

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