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nüvifone G60 available for $99

27 October 2009 @ 8:03 AM  / Mobile Blog /

Are you thinking about getting a nüvifone G60? Don't forget to check out Amazon. They now have it for $99 when purchased with a new service plan. If you're still on the fence about the purchase, you should check out our newest set of nüvifone G60 videos, which focus on a few of the nüvifone's unique location capabilities -- premium connected services and camera with geotagging. Premium connected services includes real-time traffic updates, white pages, weather, movies, local events and fuel prices. These features are extremely helpful when you're out and about because they provide you with the information you need to make good decisions like where to buy the cheapest gas and what roads to travel to avoid traffic.

The nüvifone's 3MP camera has autofocus and it will automatically geotag an image with the exact latitude and longitude line of where the image was taken. You can then email the image to a friend so they can navigate to the location, or save it so you can find it in the future.To learn more, watch the learning center videos, visit the interactive nüvifone G60 demo, and follow the nuvifone Twitter feed (@nuvifone) for regular updates.

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