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Manage your pics with myPhotos, now part of dashboard on my.Garmin

21 August 2009 @ 3:17 PM  / Outdoor Blog /

Oregon550Tcamera MyPhotos2 So you have an Oregon 550T touchscreen handheld with built-in digital camera, and you've snapped pictures of that vacation you squeezed in before school was back in session. Now what? With a to-do list longer than ever, you need a simple way to see, store and share your pictures. That's where myPhotos will save the day. Part of the feature-filled dashboard on, myPhotos helps you upload to an online photo sharing community, where you and your friends and family can enjoy the pictures that were automatically geotagged when you snapped the photo with Oregon 550T's 3.2MP camera. Through automatic geotagging, the location of the photo was saved as part of the file so that you or people you share the image with can see where it was taken - and even navigate back to that spot. To learn more about Oregon 550T, check out the product page and watch this quick video.

While you're exploring my.Garmin, you'll see that myPhotos is just one of many helpful features that makes this dashboard a one-stop-shop.

MyGarmin The upgraded website is home to the following services:

Map information – Customers are notified when new maps are available and can determine which maps are best for them – nüMaps Lifetime, nüMaps Onetime, or other accessory maps that will help them find their next adventure.
Software update – Garmin regularly updates and improves existing products. Customers can download free software updates for the life of their GPS device.
Support – Customers can find answers to their GPS questions through an online library of frequently asked questions.
Registration – Customers can register their product so they can keep tabs of their device, warranty status, and access product-specific services and software. is a free service for Garmin customers and users can register immediately to access these new features.

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