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Save $$$ by driving with a GPS

24 April 2009 @ 4:11 PM  / Automotive Blog / ecoRoute / Motorcycle /

Nuvi1260Tb Our friends at NAVTEQ recently completed a study that confirmed something we've believed for a long time -- using a GPS saves you money and time. NAVTEQ's study quantified that German drivers saved an average of 1,500 miles of driving when using a GPS. This equates to about $200 a year for a U.S. driver, and since the price of an entry-level Garmin nüvi is about $200, that means you could recoup the cost you spent on a device within the first year. Drivers saw the biggest savings when they drove during rush hour traffic, especially if their device included real-time traffic like the nüvi 1260T with free traffic. The study also found that those using a GPS had a 12% increase in fuel efficiency, which translates to an estimated .91 tons (metric) decrease in carbon dioxide emissions every year per driver. Interestingly enough, this study took place before Garmin's ecoRoutes, so just imagine the benefits to the environment if a driver used ecoRoutes!

So, there you have it. The facts are in and they nullify almost any excuse you may have had about not owning a GPS. Get a Garmin nüvi and save time, money and the environment!

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