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ecoRoute's fuel-efficient navigation now available as free download

5 March 2009 @ 1:00 PM  / Automotive Blog / ecoRoute /

EcoRoute Garmin's ecoRoute can help you save gas and money through fuel-efficient navigation, starting as soon as you download it to your compatible Garmin device. Now available as a free and simple download through, this software update gives you valuable options and information. 

In addition to “faster time” and “shorter distance” for route preference, ecoRoute lets nüvi users choose “less fuel” as the best way to save gas and money. Through ecoRoute’s Fuel Report, Mileage Report and fuel-saving tips, you can focus on your fuel conservation even when you’re not behind the wheel. And you can customize your nüvi to fit your vehicle by accessing the “vehicle profile” under ecoRoute in the tools menu. There, you can enter your car’s fuel economy and the current price of gas to help nüvi better calculate your savings. To find out if your nüvi is compatible with ecoRoute through a free, downloadable software update - and to visit the instructional, interactive minisite - go to

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