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696 + terrain database = better situational awareness

12 November 2008 @ 2:25 PM  / Aviation Blog /

Clip_image002 The AOPA Expo convention is over but customers are still buzzing about the GPSMAP 696 and 695.  These large displayed GPS / EFB hybrids incorporate all the aviation features of the popular GPSMAP 496.  Some of these features are enhanced more than on the 496 because of the 696’s abilities and display size. For example, the terrain page on the 696 has an added profile view that enables the pilot to see the upcoming terrain and know the altitude difference between the aircraft’s altitude and altitude of the terrain.  This profile view also shows the distance between the terrain and the front of the aircraft, which is extremely helpful because it depicts how much altitude you’ll need to clear the terrain in front of you. The 696 has numerous other enhancements and we’ll cover them in future posts.

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