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Peg's Post: The power of ANT

15 February 2008 @ 2:18 PM  / Peg's Posts / Sports / Fitness Blog /

Featurepegsposts_2UntitledIt’s tiny. It’s powerful. And it’s constantly working. That’s the power of ANT+Sport, the wireless technology used in Garmin devices like Forerunner and Edge. ANT+Sport technology allows for wireless data transfer from accessories like the heart rate monitor, foot pod and speed/cadence sensor to Edge or Forerunner. The same technology goes even further for the Forerunner 50 and 405 by automatically transferring data to your computer once your workout’s done. On the new Edge 705 and Forerunner 405, it also allows for wireless unit-to-unit data transfer. For a playful demo on how ANT+Sport works, check out this link. Read on for more background on the magic of ANT+Sport.

Forerunner405blackcfThe beauty of ANT+Sport technology is interoperability. Before you choke on the word, just know that it makes your life easier. If you have a device with ANT+Sport technology, it can talk with another ANT+Sport device. For example, if you own a Garmin Forerunner 305 (which comes with a heart rate monitor that uses ANT+Sport) and you want to upgrade to the 405 when it’s available, you can purchase the model that comes without heart rate and simply use the heart rate monitor you already own. Same goes for the foot pod, an accessory that measures your foot stride so you can use Forerunner indoors when GPS is unavailable. The foot pod can also be used with the Forerunner 50, our non-GPS sport watch, to calculate distance indoors or out.

If you’ve been to the starting line of a race lately, you’ve probably seen (and heard) a lot of Garmin fitness products in action. That familiar beep … beep … beep at the start of a race is a tell-tale sign of runners starting their Garmin device. So what’s to keep your Forerunner from picking up the heart rate reading of the runner next to you? No worries. There’s a simple step called “pairing” that matches your heart rate monitor or other accessory to your Garmin device. Once paired, your Forerunner is tuned in to your heart beat and your heart beat only. Word of advice: just don’t try to do the “pairing” when you’re around other ANT+Sport devices, like at the start of the race.

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