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Jake's Journal: nüvi, where's my car?

5 November 2007 @ 2:03 PM  / Automotive Blog / Jake's Journal /

Jakesjournal Sunday, as I was leaving the Chiefs-Packers game at Arrowhead Stadium, there were plenty of reasons to be concerned. Our high-priced star running back was on crutches. Our journeyman-turned-starting quarterback had more grass stains than a detergent commercial. And all I heard around me were cheesehead cheers. Seriously, doesn't security monitor how many opposing fans they let in?? But the one thing I had going for me was that I knew exactly where my car was parked, thanks to my nüvi 760.

Nuvi760rf Four hours earlier, I had pulled into the driveway of some guy charging less than Arrowhead's fee, and our location was automatically recorded as soon as I took nüvi off of its mount. And sure enough, when we spilled sadly out of the gates of Arrowhead, I was able to find our "Last Position" under Favorites. And I'm not the only one taking notice of this great new feature. Consumer Reports said on their blog today that they're thrilled that parking lots will seem a lot less ominous with nüvi 760 guiding the way. (But remember, as with all GPS technology, you have to be outside to acquire satellites - so park with care in those multilevel garages.)

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