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Garmin Mobile XT turns your phone into a "GPS superstar"

3 October 2007 @ 3:25 PM  / Automotive Blog / Company News /

CfmdI think the crew over at Engadget said it best when they said, "the [Garmin Mobile XT] will turn your average, boring, ugly phone into a bona fide GPS superstar." That's right - the new Garmin Mobile XT will send your smartphone straight to the head of the class. This preloaded microSD card pairs with he phone's built-in GPS to offer customers North American or European navigation. Along with turn-by-turn navigation, Garmin Mobile XT includes access to Garmin Online with offers users real-time traffic alerts, fuel prices and weather alerts (just like the nΓΌvi 680 we have all come to know and love so much.) And, unlike other mobile phone applications, Garmin Mobile XT offers this dynamic content with no monthly fees or subscription of any kind! To top it all off, customers can choose from millions of points of interest to find restaurants, hotels, ATMS, and gas stations... all from the convenience of your mobile phone! To make sure your phone is compatible, visit our buyer's guide to find the perfect Garmin Mobile solution for your phone today.

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