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Chet's Corner: More Mac Software...

2 August 2007 @ 2:23 PM  / Apple-Mac / Automotive Blog /

Featurechetscorner_1I just posted yesterday about the new 2008 City Navigator Map Update being Mac compatible. Well now I am here to tell you about MapManager and MapInstall for Mac. These two beta software programs have been released today and what they allow you to do is convert any MapSource programs you have for your PC into mapping that will work on your Mac. (That's don't have to purchase anything else!).

A quick rundown of the process goes like this:

  1. Convert the existing MapSource maps on your PC using the MapConverter program. 
  2. Transfer those to your Mac by way of Writeable DVD, USB Thumb Drive, or Network Connection
  3. Install the maps to the Mac
  4. Install the maps to your device. 

Now here is a more involved walk through, with pictures:

  1. Download the MapConverter program from the Garmin website by clicking here.  Run the program on the PC.  This will find all installed MapSource programs and allow you to convert them. 

    Please note the location at the bottom of this window is where the converted file will be stored on your PC.  Its default location is the My Documents folder:
  2. MapConverter will convert the files and then compress them into a file:
  3. Once the compression is finished, find the compressed file in your "My Documents" folder and transfer it to the Mac.  This can be done with a USB Thumb Drive, network connection, or in this case, a writeable DVD disk. 

    Burn the file to the DVD:

  4. On the Mac, load the compressed file onto the machine and double-click on the file to decompress it.  This decompressed file will be placed in the "Documents" folder on the Mac:
  5. Download the MapInstall for Mac program from the Garmin website by clicking here.  When the file is opened on the Mac, it includes MapInstall, MapManager, and a Read ME file that explains the process. 
  6. Drag the MapInstall and MapManager files to your Applications folder.  The first program to run is the MapManager.  This program will take the converted map file and load it to the Mac.  Once the application is open, click on File > Open and select the converted map file from the Documents folder:
  7. MapManager will load the file into the MapInstall program:
    8 9 10
  8. Open the MapInstall program on the Mac.  At this time, also connect the Garmin device to the Mac via the USB connection.  (Note: It is a good idea to make sure that the device firmware is up to date before loading maps to the device.  Download the Mac WebUpdater here.)
    11 12
  9. Now it is time to select the maps to load to the device.  Use the zoom bar and directional buttons on the left side of the map to navigate.  The indicator at the bottom of the screen indicates how much memory is available on the device.  Click on the areas you wish to load:
  10. The maps will now be transferred to the device:
    14 15 16

The maps are now loaded to the GPS device.  Please remember that this is beta software.  If any errors are found, please submit them to the following email address:

[email protected]

If you have any other questions about this, feel free to comment.

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