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Chet's Corner: City Nav 2008 map updates are Mac compatible!

1 August 2007 @ 11:20 AM  / Apple-Mac / Automotive Blog /

Today's post has one sole purpose, to bring attention to the fact that our City Navigator 2008 Mapping Updates are Mac compatible. This means you can update the maps on the device, straight from your Mac, Intel or not. It's just another step in our quest to be fully Mac compatible.

It's actually about as simple as it gets. Here is a walk through of the process:

First, insert the DVD into the Mac and run the Map Update program. You will see a welcome screen:


Accept the licensing agreement:


Plug your Garmin device in, and select it in the list:


The Map Updater will now connect to the Garmin server to establish a connection to verify the update:


Enter the Product Key as it appears on the back of the Map Update Disk:


Once everything is verified, the map update process will begin:


Once it's finished, the device is updated and you're ready to go!  It really is that simple:


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