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Scenes from Sea Otter, part 1

14 April 2007 @ 9:54 AM  / Company News / Outdoor Blog / Peg's Posts / Sports / Fitness Blog /


Bikes_over_bridge Xc_short_3

So far, it’s been sunny and beautiful here in Monterey — a far cry from last year’s sloshy Sea Otter Classic Bike Show.

Sea_otter_logoOnce again, Garmin is a major sponsor if this 4-day cycling fest, and our booth’s drawing a steady stream of folks who want to find out more about our Edge and Forerunner products or see a live demo of our online analysis program, This year, we’re seeing more and more cyclists who already have an Edge and took advantage of the downloadable courses for some of this year’s SOC events. Today I plan to meet up with some of the Team MotionBased riders that I highlighted last week. Olivier Bock had a fine showing in the Super-D downhill race, finishing 18th in the pro category. Sunday will be a big day for Olivier, David and Shadey, as they compete in the mountain bike cross country race, a 39-mile technical course with over 7,700 feet of elevation gain. See the detailed metrics here. Stay tuned for more event coverage and photos.

Nat_greg_and_kkAnd there's even time for a little fun here at the fest. When we need a break from all the action at the Garmin booth, we just catch a ride down the giant inflatable slide. It's right next door--what luck! 

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