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Chet's Corner: Geotagged Photos!

6 February 2007 @ 4:45 PM  / Automotive Blog / Company News / Outdoor Blog /


While at Macworld this year, I met a gentleman from Nikon and we realized that we had both been getting a lot of questions about the GPS connectivity of their D200 and D2X cameras using their MC-35 GPS cable.  I have now started testing this functionality after he so generously loaned us a D200 and the results are very good so far.  I will be posting more about geotagging photos in the future but here is a quick tip I can start you off with.

If you connect your GPS to your camera to take photos, the Lat/Lon information will then be present in the EXIF data of the camera.  I upload all my pictures to Flickr and there's one setting that you must enable if you want that data to be used to put your picture on a map.  Here's the link:

If you enable that setting in your account and upload the pictures with GPS information in them, Flickr will automatically place those on a map for you.  There's more to come on this subject.  I'm just getting started...

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