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Chet's Corner: Questions Answered

30 November 2006 @ 7:16 PM  /

Featurechetscorner_1_14I am just getting back into the swing after a long Thanksgiving weekend so I thought I would answer some of your questions.  Here are a couple good ones:

Q: Thinking about putting a zumo on my 2007 BMW R1200RT.  Does the audio jack also supply the XM Radio output when the optional antenna is used?  How do you switch beyween GPS Audio and XM Audio?  Can it be programmed to interrupt the XM for the GPS?

A: Yes, the audio jack on the zumo 550 will output XM audio if the optional antenna is used.  When that audio is output, it will be interrupted when the GPS needs to give you a voice prompt.  The only time that the GPS will not interrupt audio is if you are using the Bluetooth function to make a phone call.  There is no programming needed. 

Q: Where do I find answers to commonly asked questions RE the zumo 550. IE:
Can you turn off the automatic relocation option? Does the zumo 550 have external audio and mic jacks or just blue tooth?

A: At this time, the automatic route recalculation cannot be turned off.  As for the external audio jacks, yes, the unit can output audio through a standard jack or through Bluetooth. 

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