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CycleWorld Trek

3 October 2006 @ 12:17 PM  / Automotive Blog / Motorcycle /

Dscn1893_1Dscn1875This past weekend, a couple of Garminites were invited to take part in the 32nd annual CycleWorld Trek junket event.  It's a dual sport motorcycle ride that takes place in the scenic Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. There were over 90 participants in this year’s event, including motorcycle manufacturers, distributors, accessory manufacturers and adventure racers (who ride events like the Baja 1000, the Dakar Rally, etc.).  Click on the jump to learn more.

Dscn1901Dscn1845Dscn1839 The event was an excellent opportunity for us to field test zūmo and Quest, while providing hands on demos and instruction to Trek participants.  Notice the roll chart in the first picture – this is the normal method for off-road navigation, using multiple trip computers (odometers) on the bike to follow a given route – a very crude and error-prone routing method.

Cycleworld_mapsourceGoogle_earthThey were very impressed with a MapSource review of the first day’s track log, showing 152 miles covered in 9 hours, with 6,500 feet of elevation gain.  We overlayed that same tracklog into Google Earth and -- we told you zūmo was versatile!

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