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Feasting on Asphalt, With a Side of Garmin...

1 August 2006 @ 1:30 PM  / Motorcycle /

Feast60_030100033100gpsmap276c Here at the Garmin Blog World Headquarters, we're big fans of the Food Network in general, and Alton Brown in particular.  So we were thrilled when his team contacted us to provide a couple of GPSMAP 276C's for Alton's latest miniseries, titled "Feasting on Asphalt."  It airs Saturday evenings at 9pm ET, and can best be described as road food odyssey where Charles Kuralt-meets-Easy Rider-meets-National Lampoon's Vacation.  As expected, Alton pulls it off brilliantly, and we'd like to think that at least part of that is because of his superior navigation system.

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