Third Party MapSource Developers

The products below are created by third-party MapSource developers using our mapping technology. We do not sell these products directly or provide product support for them.

Johnny Appleseed GPS

Johnny Appleseed

Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney
Tel: 1 800 477 477
Fax: 61 7 3848 7585
Contact: [email protected]

GPS TopoPLUS Australia 5 m contains 5 m vertical contours for all of Australia that can be loaded to most Garmin mapping devices. Queensland Pastoral Stations & Property Boundaries, including DCDB, stock routes, national parks, property names, state forests and protected areas, is a mapping product designed for use with most Garmin units



Venezuela 676
Buenos Aires C1095AAN
Tel: 54 11-43429398
Fax: 54 11 -43349218
Contact: [email protected]

iNav Argentine digital maps include complete coverage of highways and roads of the main cities and the interior of the country. iNav detailed maps cover more than 230 Argentinean cities with traffic circulation and street number range. iNav maps have a complete database of thousands points of interest such as restaurants, hotels, bars, banks, ATMs and much more. iNav maps are available to load in internal memory or in microSD™ format.

Geovision NC


95 Rue Des Cocotiers
Mont-Dore, Province Sud 98809
New Caledonia
Tel: 687 751717
Contact: [email protected]

GPS navigation, map making for various institutions or sectors of business. Business Fleet Managment with GARMIN products IMF, followed by professional and private vehicles, monitoring and PT I-Dati alerts (alert device for lone worker) Sale of PTI - Dati (warning device for lone worker), development map for GARMIN product for locating PTI alerts - Dati

Backroad GPS Maps


Unit 106-1500 Hartley Ave.
Coquitlam BC V3G 7A1
Tel: 604 521-6277
Contact: [email protected]

The Backroad GPS Maps of Canada are designed to take you beyond the city and into the outdoors. With countless logging, industrial and bush roads, an elaborate trail system, wildlife management units and thousands of recreational points of interest, no other map source provides as much detail for Canada’s vast wilderness areas. In addition to easy access to the patented Backroad Mapbook Points of Interest and recreation descriptions, you can even use the GPS Maps in Garmin's MapSource®, Basecamp™ and RoadTrip™.