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Lietuva TOPO map (LTZ) is a second generation GPS map of Lithuania for Garmin navigators. It is "two-in-one" product, featuring routable road maps and TOPO maps at the same time. It contains all motorways, county and residential roads, as well as unpaved trails, with street level detailed maps and house addresses in all 1,273 cities, towns and even small villages in Lithuania. Just enter a house number in a village of only two or three streets, and your device will bring you right to the front door. Other embeded objects include forests, lakes, rivers, railway lines, county borders and terrain height above sea level. The digital elevation model (DEM) is built in too. More than 6,000 points of interest are included: restaurants, hotels, banks, shopping centers, lodging, hospitals, pharmacy shops, petrol stations, car rentals, parking lots, schools, embassys, post offices, churches, museums and other tourist objects.