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1 May 2017 @ 12:45 PM

GMA 345/342 Satisfaction Guarantee Program for Slide-in Installations

If upon completion of an initial evaluation flight after purchase and installation of the Garmin GMA 345 or GMA 342 you are not satisfied with the GMA 345 or GMA 342 installed, you may elect to have the GMA 340 or select slide-in compatible, third-party audio panel that was removed reinstalled and receive a complete refund of the GMA 345 or GMA 342 purchase price, including a reinstallation credit. This offer is available to customers who purchase the GMA… Get this offer.

1 May 2017 @ 10:35 AM

GTX™ 335 GPS Promotional Bundle — Save Hundreds!

If you already have ADS-B in, the new GTX 335 GPS promotional bundlemay be the perfect way to get ADS-B out. Available until Dec. 29, 2017, the promotional bundle includes the GTX 335 with GPS transponder and GA35 WAAS a… Get this offer.

1 May 2017 @ 10:31 AM

GTR 225A — Immediate Installation Incentive

Available until Dec. 15, 2017, GTR 225A list price is reduced $500, for a new promotional list price of $2,495. This offers pilots a great way to save while upgrading to meet the Single European Sky initiative, underwhic… Get this offer.

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