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Garmin® Announces FAA Certification, Availability of GDL 88 Series

2 January 2013 @ 9:13 AM  / Aviation /

Garmin has received the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization and Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certificate (AML STC) approval for the GDL 88 series, the industry’s first dual-link ADS-B solution for certified aircraft. With these certifications, the GDL 88 is approved for installation on most Part 23 fixed-wing aircraft, and is available immediately starting at $3,995.

The GDL 88 provides a simple, ADS-B rule-compliant solution for aircraft operating in the U.S. and below 18,000 feet. The GDL 88 also brings the added benefit of access to advanced traffic information and subscription-free weather for aircraft flying at any altitude.

The innovative dual-link capability allows the GDL 88 to receive both the 978 MHz UAT and 1090 MHz frequency bands to provide the most comprehensive level of traffic situational awareness. Advanced traffic awareness features include TargetTrend™ relative motion technology, which helps the pilot visualize the trend of the traffic threats as it relates to their aircraft, and SURF technology, which detects other aircraft or ground vehicles on runways and taxiways that may pose a threat while taxiing or on approach.

Patent-pending technology allows the GDL 88 to be compatible with a wide range of general aviation transponders to synchronize squawk code and ident, eliminating the need to install a dedicated UAT control panel. For aircraft owners who do not already have a compatible WAAS GPS position source on board their aircraft, the GDL 88 is available with an optional built-in high integrity WAAS GPS receiver. The GDL 88 is also available with optional antenna diversity, to enhance detection of traffic both above and below the aircraft while working to minimize blind spots caused by the wings or fuselage during aircraft maneuvering. This is especially useful in maintaining optimal reception of ADS-B traffic during ground operations. 

For more information about the GDL 88 series and all of Garmin’s ADS-B solutions, visit the ADS-B Academy at

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