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Hike it Baby-and the HIB 30 Challenge

29 October 2014 @ 2:15 PM

Hike it Baby-and the HIB 30 Challenge

Hike it Baby: Changing the world one little hike at a time. What is it, you ask?Hike it Baby is a new Mom (and Dad) group focused on getting women outside and active as quickly as possible. We believe that our world would be a better place if all parents stepped outside at least once a week for a walk in nature with their new baby, said Shanti, founder of Hike it Baby. It’s Hike it Baby’sgoal to support … Read the complete story.

27 October 2014 @ 11:30 AM

Oakley Partners with Garmin

Next Evolution of Oakley Airwave™ Snow Goggle with Heads-Up Display to Serve as Wireless Video Display and Remote Control Solution for Garmin® VIRB® Elite Camera Were excited toannounced that we have have teamed up w… Read the complete story.

9 October 2014 @ 8:50 AM

Shades of Winter-World Premier Oct. 10th

Already considered the raddest womens freeski films, Shades of Winter: PURE premieres this Friday, and Red Bull is offering free access.Beginning tomorrow, for 24 hours only, youll be able to stream Shades of Winter: P… Read the complete story.