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Advanced Avionics and Autopilots – ESP vs. USP

18 September 2014 @ 4:02 PM

Advanced Avionics and Autopilots – ESP vs. USP

As aircraft, avionics and autopilots become more advanced and packed with enhanced features, it’s even more important for pilots to know their airplane and fully understand its capabilities. There’s no question the fully integrated Garmin GFC 700 autopilot offers inherent advantages in safety, redundancy and reliability. While the GFC 700 and Garmin Integrated Flight Decks are loaded with a number of incr… Read the complete story.

11 September 2014 @ 2:00 PM

Why Are You Waiting… For An Avionics Upgrade?

Thinking about upgrading the avionics in your airplane in time for the cold-weather flying season? Time is almost up to take advantage of our ‘Why Are You Waiting?’ avionics rebate. This rebate is valid for purchases m… Read the complete story.

9 September 2014 @ 9:09 AM

Cessna Citation CJ3+ Receives Certification Featuring G3000

Last Friday Textron Aviation celebrated as the new CJ3+ achieved FAA certification. Also adding to the excitement, the G3000 is featured as the flight deck for the CJ3+, offering customers an advanced avionics suite wi… Read the complete story.