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Connect IQ: Hiking with Crumbs!

4 February 2016 @ 2:55 PM  /


Navigation tools are crucial for those who hike and trek into the wilderness, so without these advantages, outdoor explorations can be risky. Now you can explore the outdoors with confidence using a new widget for your Garmin smart watch from the Connect IQ Store. Introducing Crumbs! from dynamicWatch.

Crumbs! lets you see at a glance where you are on a simple map. When you open Crumbs! and a GPS signal has been fixed, it will show your position and direction of travel, and add a breadcrumb every second to its map. Map points are only added while the widget is open, but the idea is that you will open the widget from time to time as you move and each time it will add a few more breadcrumbs, giving you a picture of where you have been. The map is saved each time the widget is closed and immediately shown again when it's reopened. The first point saved, your start point, will be marked with red square, and you can drop 9 more waypoints to mark places on your path.


Next time you’re thinking of heading outside with your Garmin smart watch, just remember the power and the possibilities of the Connect IQ Store. Crumbs! is compatible with fēnix 3D2 Bravo, Forerunner 230Forerunner 235Forerunner 630Forerunner 920XTepix, and vívoactive

Interested in building something with us? Connect IQ is our first-ever open platform for third-party developers to create apps for our products. Get the Connect IQ SDK now to start building apps for our wearable devices. Don’t forget to share your adventures with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use hashtag #ConnectIQ.

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