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Exciting New Features for GPSMAP Glass Helm Series

13 February 2014 @ 6:01 AM  / Marine Blog /

Today, we’re happy to announce some exciting new features for our GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm Series, including FLIR M-Series and MD-Series thermal night vision compatibility, CZone digital switching control, sailing features and more.

CameraWith this free software update comes compatibility with FLIR M-Series and MD-Series thermal night vision cameras.  You’ll have the ability to pan, tilt and zoom directly from your chartplotter display, GRID or FLIR joystick (optional).  Full support and settings for FLIR joystick operations are also integrated into the chartplotter, including surveillance scan, polarity, color mode, scene mode and more.

8000 czoneCZone digital switching provides full, one-touch helm control of the most pivotal systems on-board, including lighting, power monitoring, tank monitoring and many more.  With an intuitive control interface, digital switching simplifies the boating experience by putting full automation and vessel integration at your fingertips.

FusionFull control of all your music and playlists is now available from your chartplotter screen with Garmin Meteor 300 and Fusion Link support.  With a dedicated screen for music and album art, media control can also be added to any layout as a top or bottom control bar.     

SailingFor all our sailing customers, the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm Series now offers a full suite of sailing features. On initial setup, the unit can be configured specifically to meet your sailing needs. This unlocks easy-to-use features such as laylines, which guide you when to tack and gybe.  The sailing package also includes simultaneous heading and course lines, a new wind rose that shows true/apparent wind simultaneously, and new sailing data fields.  In conjunction with our gWind transducers, you will have the most pivotal sailing information at your fingertips.

Another new feature is Dynamic Sea Temperature.  This gives you the ability to dynamically adjust the range of sea temperatures, providing the ability to target any species of fish.  With the GXM 52, water temperatures are detailed within proper range of giving the user better insight as to prime fishing locations.

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