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Free Companion App for Garmin HUD+ Now Available

28 January 2014 @ 9:34 AM  / Apps / Automotive Blog / Mobile Blog /


At this year's CES, we announced the new Garmin HUD+, combining our popular head-up display for the car with a free companion app. We're thrilled to announce that this app is now available from the App StoreSM , Google PlayTM , and Windows Phone® Store

HUD+ projects crisp and bright directions onto a transparent film on the windshield or an attached reflector lens. It receives navigation information from a Bluetooth®-connected smartphone running the free Garmin HUD navigation app, available . By providing comprehensive road guidance at a glance and right within the driver’s line of sight, HUD+ can help increase safety and reduce driver distraction. HUD+ has a suggested retail price of $179.99.

Garmin HUD+

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