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Clipper Update: The Scramble to South Africa

16 October 2013 @ 9:18 AM  / Marine Blog /

Team Garmin in Rio[1]After four weeks traversing the Atlantic from Brest, France to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the entire Clipper fleet and Team Garmin finished Leg Two of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race last Tuesday.  Shortly after arriving in Rio, the crew had to stay mentally focused and physically prepared in order to travel the nearly 3,300 nautical miles for Leg Three to Cape Town, South Africa.

 Team Garmin skipper Damian Parnham keeps a daily report of any challenges, obstacles or victories that the team experiences.  By doing so, fans of the race gain a truly unique insight to the daily ongoings aboard the boat without having to brave the wind, weather and waves:

Team spirits are good as we go forward toward South Africa. It’s been a calm mood with the sea state also becoming a little calmer. This is not to say, however, that we are still not getting the odd big splash from the waves, which keep all the crew in full foul weather gear. 

The crew are keen to do well in this leg and prepared to work hard to stay with the group of the fleet we are with. PSP Logistics is within sight and has taken out a few miles on us. We have struggled with the choice of sail plan overnight but played the safe card with a few squalls about.

As we head past 30 degees south, the warmer clothes are coming out of the bags and beanies onto the heads to keep warm. While below it is still stuffy and normal but covers are being used for the first time to sleep.

For more information about the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race or to follow your favorite team more closely, check out Clipper's website or keep checking back for more Team Garmin updates.  Happy sailing!

Close racing with Team Garmin

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