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Garmin runners team up for the Hood to Coast Relay

7 September 2013 @ 7:04 AM  / Garmin Connect / Sports / Fitness Blog /

Recently, a dozen Garmin associates from our Kansas City and Salem offices teamed up to run the “mother of all relays,” Hood to Coast. This event takes runners on a 199-mile journey from the top of Mt. Hood to Seaside, Oregon. Perhaps even more challenging than running the quad-crunching downhills is navigating to the exchange points via clogged mountain roads in a motorized dash to drop a fresh runner and not leave the expended one stranded for too long. The plotting of runners, routes and other logistics is no small feat, and this is where it’s good to have some Garmin ingenuity and navigation guidance at hand.

This photo is from the start line, where the first runners for about a dozen teams at a time embark on their staggered start. Sammy, #635 (purple tank in front), was the Forerunner-wearing frontrunner for the Garmin team.

Jack, a flight test pilot at our Salem office, was the team captain who handled many of the team logistics. We asked about his most memorable moment from Hood to Coast: I wish I could share my most memorable moment, but what happens in the vans, stays in the vans.

Memory he most wants to forget? Getting stuck in traffic where it took 50 minutes to go 0.8 miles. Watching the mileage tick down on the nüvi while seeing runners blazing past you really stinks. Oh, and it was something like 3 am and I just wanted to catch a nap. His favorite team name: 50 Shades of Eh? (they were a Canadian team, obviously). Jack tracked his Hood to Coast training and race with the touchscreen Forerunner 610 watch. Check out his data from one of his race legs in Garmin Connect below.

We asked another Garmin teammate, Eric, what he wanted most at the finish line: To be within 30 minutes of our projected time. That, and a big fat cheeseburger. Eric said his favorite costume sightings were the superheroes, and the best team name he I saw was the “Proud to be Roadkill” team.

In addition to the associates who ran (each completed 3 legs of varying distances), several associates, like Bonnie, a product support specialist, volunteered. Bonnie said she had a ton of fun volunteering, and we know the runners appreciated her cheerful service along the way.

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