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Garmin Provides 3D Navigation for Mercedes-Benz Concept Car

12 September 2013 @ 6:00 AM  / Automotive Blog /

We're pleased to announce that we're extending our relationship with Mercedes-Benz to provide a customized in-dash nav system for the new S-Class Coupe concept car that's debuting at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

It's certainly a sleek and elegant car, and the Garmin nav complements that aesthetic by providing advanced 3D city models, including landmarks, roads, bridges, tunnels, and more.  And like you'd expect from Garmin, the navigation features industry-leading routing algorithms and road guidance.

The new hardware and software infotainment system leverages the innovative K2 platform that debuted in January, and Garmin was selected in April as a global navigation provider for future Mercedes-Benz models.

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