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Garmin Pilot and iOS 7: Lucy’s Recommendation!

18 September 2013 @ 11:58 AM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

The latest iOS 7 update from Apple is incorporating new features, improving functionality, and even changing the appearance, which means many of the applications you have will also need to be updated. In the next couple of days, Garmin Pilot 5.2 will be available to update. 

With Garmin Pilot 5.1.2, a few known issues will surface after upgrading to iOS 7 that Lucy is here to address and help with! These minor issues are cosmetic but there are two primary differences you’ll notice with iOS 7 and the current version of Garmin Pilot: 

  • Customers may experience difficulty when opening approach charts and utilizing their designated binders, which is done by selecting:

            ‘Home’ > ‘Charts’ > ‘Binders’

         To successfully display an approach chart, Lucy recommends:

            ‘Home’ > ‘Airport Info’ > ‘Procedures’ and the appropriate approach chart will display


  •  When utilizing the ‘Direct-To’ key, selecting the ‘Recent’ tab will log users out of Garmin Pilot completely. Lucy suggests inputting the airport identifier directly as opposed to calling up any recent airports


Lucy does have some good news! Garmin Pilot 5.2 has been submitted to Apple, which will be available very soon and fix the issues mentioned above. Garmin is revamping the user interface to incorporate the latest iOS 7 design elements as well as user feedback in the 5.2 release.

So what does Lucy suggest? If you use these features within Garmin Pilot often, hold off a couple days and wait to update to iOS 7. The latest version of Garmin Pilot will be out before you know it!


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