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Attention Pilots: Go Back to Ground School with Garmin!

5 September 2013 @ 1:49 PM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

GTN Class2

Every two years I get to go “back to school” and renew my flight instructor certificate. Inevitably the weekend I typically choose to do this, the weather is beautiful. So, as you could guess this past weekend was beautiful in Kansas and there I was, reviewing fundamentals of flight instructing, regulations, and teaching techniques. Are you half-asleep already?

Unlike my 16-hour study session, we offer pilots the chance to also go back to school, Garmin-style! For those of you who have upgraded your avionics to the latest GTN touchscreen series and G500/G600, Garmin offers a class each month specific to these avionics. 

What can you expect? The opportunity to sit in front of an actual G600 and dual GTN 650/750 setup! Subjects such as flight planning, inputting difficult approach, departure, and arrival clearances, and performance calculations are covered over the course of two days. Class sizes are limited, allowing the opportunity for plenty of questions and time to practice various exercises. Included in the class is a comprehensive tour of Garmin’s manufacturing facility so every attendee has the opportunity to see where their avionics are manufactured.

 If Lucy hasn’t talked you into signing up for the class yet, simply reviewing and having the opportunity to practice difficult procedures on our latest avionics truly adds value to any flight. As a pilot, feeling comfortable with inputting difficult clearances, amending awkward flight plans, and getting the most out of your feature-rich GTN and G500/G600 adds confidence and enhances your flying experience.

Visit our flyGarmin website to sign up for any of the GTN Training class dates below:

  • October 9 -10, 2013
  • November 13- 14, 2013
  • December 18 – 19, 2013 

Can’t make it to any of our classes? We offer plenty of other training opportunities! If you have an iPad, we offer a GTN Trainer application, which is available to download in the iTunes store. Furthermore, we also offer several GTN Tutorial Videos and a GTN Trainer to download for free to your PC!

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