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ADS-B: Are you and your aircraft ready? Garmin is here to help!

13 September 2013 @ 10:19 AM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /


2300 days: the number of days pilots have to ensure their aircraft is ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) compliant. To help ease the transition into ADS-B, Garmin has developed our very own ADS-B Academy. This site is full of FAQ’s and plenty of videos to answer questions and clear up the confusion – and believe me; we know it’s confusing!

To spread the word and help educate pilots, we’ve developed several short videos that address the questions you are asking! Check out them out below: 

When should I equip for ADS-B? 

 What is ADS-B ‘In’ and ‘Out’?

What is an approved ADS-B position source?

Why use a Garmin ADS-B solution?

So, now you’ve watched a few videos and you’re wondering, “What will it take for my airplane to become ADS-B compliant?” That's easy using the ADS-B Academy! The 'Installation Planner' located in the middle of the website will ask you a few questions and conveniently display several different solutions. Even further, you may print or e-mail these to yourself for future reference! 

While 2300 days (or a little over seven years) may seem like a lot, consider the number of registered aircraft that have yet to comply and the number of business days remaining in the next several years – I’ll let you do the math!


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