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Your Own Voice on a Nuvi? It's Possible!

9 August 2013 @ 9:31 AM  / Automotive Blog / Customer Stories /

Have you ever wondered who the voice is inside your Nuvi? If you tuned in to the Today Show this week, you may have seen anchor Jenna Wolfe navigating around New York City with Karen Jacobson, “The Voice” behind your Nuvi.

Jenna was able to record her own direction prompts, and put them on the Nuvi, so her voice was navigating around New York. She found that her directions were not quite as calm or peaceful as “Australian Karen,” nonetheless, it made for a fun change to have her own voice giving directions!

If you want to record your own voice prompts, click here to download Garmin’s Voice Studio, and you can customize your Nuvi voice.

Missed the Today Show segment? Click here to check it out.            



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