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Fishing the End of Summer with the Echo Portable Kit

30 August 2013 @ 7:00 AM  / Marine Blog /

121210_MRN_9240Since summer is coming to a close, last week we provided a few helpful tips for how to winterize your marine electronics during the off season.  The only problem is that once you have everything stored away for the winter, there are bound to be a few days that are ideal for fishing.  Instead of reinstalling, reassembling, unwrapping or dewinterizing, why not try our echo 150 portable bundle?  It's great for those spur-of-the-moment fishing trips when the fish are biting.

010-00951-20_HR_0035.3Our echo 150 portable bundle is a great option for those grab-and-go trips.  The echo 150 provides a clear, accurate representation of the fish below and shows you exactly where they're hiding.  The 4" display is bright and the included dual beam (200/77 kHz) transducer can read depths of up to 1,300 feet.  

010-00951-20_HR_0074Normally, transducers have to be installed and fixed to your boat.  Yet, with the bundle, this is not the case.  With our new suction cup transducer mount, maneuverability has never been easier and more convenient.  And with the included foam floating device, the ice fishermen can utilize this portable unit too.  Simply loop the transducer through the floating tube, adjust accordingly to your depth specifications and start fishing.  

010-00951-20_HR_0059Accompanying the echo 150 is the Portable echo Kit.  The carrying case has a rigid, durable structure that holds up in rough conditions, which is an absolute necessity when on-the-go.  The echo portable provides a built-in cable management and storage system for a transducer to ensure that it can be transported at a moment’s notice.  Alongside trays designed for battery and transducer storage, the echo portable truly provides all the fishing necessities in an easy-to-handle bag.  And if you've already got an echo unit, the portable kit will fit any size echo product.  From kayaks to ice-fishing, small vessels to canoes, the echo portable kit can meet the needs of any fisherman.

So just because you've put your gear away for the year, you don't have to miss out on those great opportunities to catch that one last fish this summer.  


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